The Staffordshire Millennium Embroideries

Created by Sylvia M Everitt MBE

Fifteenth Century Panel

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Kings and Queens who ruled

Henry !V reigned 1399-1413. The first King of the House of Lancaster. Henry was the son of John of Gaunt the Duke of Lancaster and a grandson of Edward III.

Henry V reigned 1413- 1422/ Married Katherine of Vakois, daughter of Charles VI, the mad King of France. Henry died suddenly aged 35 - had he lived two weeks longer he would have been King of France.

Henry VI reigned 1422 - 1462 and 1470 - 1471. Married Margaret of Anjou. The last King of the House of Lancaster. He suffered from occassional fits of madness inherited from his French mother. He was murdered in 1471.

Edward IV. The first Yorkist king. He seized the crown and reigned 1461 - 1470 and 1471 - 1483. In 1464 he secretly married Elizabeth Woodville who was a widow with two sons. This was a love-match, at least on Edward's side and ruffled the feathers of his advisers no end because they were planning to marry him to a French princess.

Edward V. This twelve year old son of Edward IV was never crowned. He was King from 9th April to 24th June 1483. Along with his nine year old brother, the young Edward V disappeared afer being taken, ostensibly for reasons of safety, to live in the Tower of London. During alterations at the Tower in 1674 the skeletons of two children were discovered and subsequently acknowledged as King Edward V amd his brother (the Princes in the Tower)

Richard III (Crookback) reigned 1483-1485. Married Anne Neville. The last King of the House of York, he died at the Battle of Bosworth. He may have been a thoroughly bad lot but he can at least help you to remember the colours of the rainbow: Richard of York Gave Battle In Vain - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

Henry VII reigned 1485 - 1509. The first Tudor monarch. He was Lancastrian. His marriage to Elizabeth of York united the two families ending the Wars of the Roses.


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